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Agriculture Development

JJK initiated agriculture productivity enhancement programme in several areas of Jharkhand in order to further enhance agricultural income with large number of tribal and other community.

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"Under upland treatment we have constructed series of Trench- cum- bund (TCB) and Water Absorption Trench (WAT) through ridge to valley approach on saturation basis through which we have arrested fast flowing run off water and converted wasteland into agricultural land. “खेत की मिटटी खेत में, खेत का पानी खेत में, गाँव की मिटटी गाँव में, गाँव का पानी गाँव में”."

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The organization focuses in man making education system, promotion of selfrespect, dignity and moral values. JJK is primarily working with non-school going children through their Bridge course module, so that they can be associated with mainstream education. Involvement of the students in extracurricular activities, psychomotor aspects is a must in our student friendly education system.

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Stories of change

Dona munda son of Muchiram munda lives in the village of Gabharia of bundu block. He lives ..


Covid relif fund

Kanchi village is situated at a distance of 8km from Bundu block office; it is under Kanchi panchayat....



Mahindra Munda son of Jagar Munda lives with his wife and two kids in the village of Buchudih,.....


National Water Award Winner Jan Jagran Kendra Hazaribagh, Jharkhand

Jan Jagran Kendra Water Conservation Works

Azure FarmBeats Demo | Saumya Soni, CEO & Founder | AI For Environment

Our Mission

To organize and empower the underprivileged and marginalized section of the society and take up development interventions in a manner that will ensure higher participation of the poor and marginalized.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to establish an egalitarian, non-exploitative social order with justice and economic self-reliance.

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The foundation step of the organization was laid by a group of seven young and energetic people in the year 1978 but it was formally registered in the year of 1981-82. All seven members have the past history in alliance to the social and economic development of the state and nation.

Individually, all the members were associated with tribulations of countryside proletariat. They involved in the mass mobilization of seventies and taken up various social awareness steps against various hurdles of socio-economic development.

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Change the life of Orphan Children.

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We’re Helping Today. Helping Tomorrow

Jan Jagran Kendra to carrying activities related to providing education to Orphans, Child labor, Health Awareness, Agriculture Enhancement, Sanitation, Livelihood enhancement to the people.

  • Support a Child for 1 month at "A Hope Children Home"

  • Covid19 Relief Fund : Support to health workers and line departments

JJK collaboration with AI for Environment

We are pleased to collaborate with AI For Environment, non-profit from USA. The 'AI for Environment' non-profit is on a mission to use technologies including AI, Internet of Things (IoT) and Business Intelligence to generate awareness of and solve global environmental challenges.

'I wish to harness AI to solve global environmental challenges (global warming). I believe we should steer Artificial Intelligence towards the path of finding new and efficient ways to help our planet cope with and reverse the effects of global warming.'- Saumya Soni, Founder & CEO of AI For Environment.

We at Jan Jagran Kendra are partnering on two amazing projects with AI For Environment:

  • • AI for Birds
  • • Microsoft Azure FarmBeats

We are proud to partner with Saumya Soni, Founder & CEO AI For Environment & Shib Kumar, founder, Birds Buddy on the AI For Birds project. Saumya Soni has developed this App to raise awareness about the importance of birds and to inspire a passion for them.

'AI for Birds' Bird Recognition Phone App by Saumya Soni

Saumya has developed a phone application that you can use to recognize birds in real-time using your phone camera. The application uses Artificial Intelligence to predict the name of the bird species. As of now, there are 315 global bird species in the AI model, out of which 225 bird species are from Jharkhand india.

Both (Android & iOS) apps are available to download. To download this app, please search "AI for Birds" in the Google Play Store, or Apple App Store.

The AI for Birds Phone App has now launched in 3 different languages- English, Hindi & Spanish.

AI Web App:

To get started with 'AI For Birds' web App, Visit: & click the 'Start Now' button.

There are two ways (in the web app) to recognize the bird species: 

1 - Choose or upload a bird image from your PC or
2 - Paste a bird image URL.

AI For Birds Phone Application:
Saumya has developed a phone application that you can use with camera integration for taking pictures of birds in real-time. After using the built-in camera to take a picture, the name of the bird species will be identified and shown. As of now, there are 315 global bird species in the AI model, however, that number will increase.

Bird Attributes - Power BI Report
As you can see in this report, along with recognizing a specific bird, in real-time, interactive visualizations from Power BI display the unique attributes and information about each bird and its status in the wild. The fun facts on the visualization about each bird will linger in your mind for days.

Bird species Attributes for 448 different species

We are working with farmers in Jharkhand, India for our Azure FarmBeats project while partnering with AI for Environment, Non-profit, USA. Our goal is to help farmers increase farm productivity and food yield by utilizing minimum natural resources.

The objective of our watershed program is to avoid rainwater runoff and conserve it for irrigation purposes. We have improved the productivity of lands for farmers for more than a decade. Now, we are partnering with AI For Environment & using AI, IoT sensors, satellite imagery, and weather information to predict what crop to sow, where to sow depending on different variables like temperature, humidity, soil moisture, etc.

Here is a link to Azure Farmbeats demo by Saumya Soni, Founder & CEO, AI for Environment on YouTube.

On 5th June 2021, the World Environment Day, a webinar on "Role of Youth in Environment Protection" was organized by Jan Jagran Kendra, Hazaribagh.

The objective was to spread awareness in the community & highlight the initiatives taken by the young generation to protect the environment. More than 100 people joined this incredible webinar from India & the USA. 

We thank all of the speakers' Shiv Shankar Goswami (Environmental Expert), Umesh Pratap (Senior Journalist), Soumya Soni (Founder & CEO AI for Environment USA), and Sanjay Kumar Singh (Secretary of Jan Jagran Kendra) for sharing their knowledge & experiences and making this webinar a successful event.

We partnered with AI For Environment and are a proud sponsor for the "2021 Virtual Event- Jumpstart your Career with Artificial Intelligence."

On June 19, The AI For Environment, non-profit, USA organized a virtual AI event-'Jumpstart your Career with Artificial Intelligence' for students and AI enthusiasts. The objective of the webinar was to help them understand the Career landscape in AI, how AI works, real-life AI demos, etc.

The three-hour-long exciting live event was organised by Saumya Soni, Founder & CEO AI For Environment. More than 100 people from Jharkhand, India, attended this live event. This event Featured outstanding speakers from Microsoft, Data Science Dojo, BlazingSQL, & Ai for Environment.

Here is the link to the AI event YouTube playlist: 2021 Virtual Event - Jumpstart your Career with Artificial Intelligence - YouTube

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